the shantidope & IV of Spades colab project

iv of spades and shantidopeTeen prodigy Shanti Dope exploded onto the rap scene at age 16, but he himself says that even as a child, he wasn’t like other children. He discovered rap at age 9, as he was sound tripping with his friends, and it created a space where he could be himself.

Shanti Dope

His parents separated when he was young and he was shuttled among various relatives. Though adults expect teenagers to be obsessed with puppy love and such, Shanti Dope raises the big questions.

His songs tackle such weighty topics as the futility of materialism and biting social commentary.

The Shanti Dope and IV of Spades collab was something that shookt us. Ever since the collab was announced, everyone’s been wondering how a rather bizarre pair-up could work. We all know that IV of Spades concentrates more on disco, while Shanti Dope‘s music is more on rap/hiphop. So how could this possibly work?

Well, thanks to Coke Studios with their trending OPM artist collab series, these super talented kids broke the boundaries between their genres.

And we’re proud to share their masterpiece. Marvel as these young music superstars Zild Benitez, Badjao De Castro and Blaster Silonga of the iconic IV OF SPADES, and the rap prodigy himself Sean Patrick Ramos a.k.a. SHANTI DOPE perform their EPIC collab: “SA KAHAPON”.

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